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Schoolies Week

Schoolies Week is usually a 3 week festival celebrated by Year 12 school leavers after graduation. Schoolies Week takes place after Year 12 leaves between November and December.

The Schoolies Week is predominantly held on Queensland's Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. However Schoolies Week does also take place in Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Tropical North Queensland.

Each year around 25,000 Queensland schoolies celebrate their graduation on the Gold Coast. Most schoolies are around 17 year old.

Because some schoolies are under the legal age to enter nightclubs and consume alcohol - various underage events are held on the Surfers Paradise beach including dance parties, concerts and movies. has been a central reservations office for Schoolies Week and is the market leader for Schoolies travel arrangements. Celebrating Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast has become the annual tradition for schoolies and toolies. Don't you be the one to miss the Schoolies Week celebrations! Schoolies Week is about having a good time and watch out for your mates as well.

Welcome to the Schoolies Accommodation lists! We're here to let you know about best places to stay on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for Schoolies Week.

We have selected some of the best Schoolies hotels, Schoolies resorts and Schoolies apartments and hand-picked these as your guide to a worry free selection. Call us today to reserve you and your friends'.


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